Revelations about car obsession - re :moving

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Wed May 30 12:19:33 EDT 2001

So, I'm moving up the street tomorrow, and I'm gathering all of my goods, of 
which I apparently, in the last 23 years, have collected a lot of.  But one 
thing struck me as I started to pull wheels and tires out of the basement.  I 
walked up the stairs with a wheel and tire in my hands 19 times, and 7 times 
just with tires.  I have two cars, and I have 6 sets of wheels, 3 spares, and 
one and 3/4 set of unmounted tires.  For two cars.  One of which, might I 
add, is a garage queen.
I'm nuts, I suppose.
Then, I started logically making arguments for having so many wheels and 
tires.  To myself.  Yup, I'm nuts.  And so, in the middle of my arguments I 
interupted myself to mention to myself that such arguments were merely the 
work of complete obsession.  
Well, at least I'm not bored.  
Carter Johnson
Kwattro at
1986 4000CS Quattro (15" 90QS 5 spokes, Pirelli P210 Asymetricos)
1986 Coupe GT (16" BBS RN w/ SPW10's, 15" Mille Miglia Glide2's w/ Goodyear 
slicks, 15" 100's w/ Hoosier Rains, 14" stockers w/ SP8000's, 14" stockers w/ 
Yoko A008RS's, and 4 Hoosier 225-45-15's waiting to get mounted!!!!)

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