Revelations about car obsession - re :moving

Tom Nas tnas at
Wed May 30 21:11:33 EDT 2001

Kwattro at wrote:

>So, I'm moving up the street tomorrow, and I'm gathering all of my goods, of
>which I apparently, in the last 23 years, have collected a lot of.  But one
>thing struck me as I started to pull wheels and tires out of the basement.  I
>walked up the stairs with a wheel and tire in my hands 19 times, and 7 times
>just with tires.  I have two cars, and I have 6 sets of wheels, 3 spares, and
>one and 3/4 set of unmounted tires.  For two cars.  One of which, might I
>add, is a garage queen.
>I'm nuts, I suppose.
>Then, I started logically making arguments for having so many wheels and
>tires.  To myself.  Yup, I'm nuts.  And so, in the middle of my arguments I
>interupted myself to mention to myself that such arguments were merely the
>work of complete obsession.
>Well, at least I'm not bored.

So if you're nuts, so am I. Two Audis, six full sets of wheels (four alloy, 
two steels with M&S). Three complete sets are now residing more or less 
permanently in my hallway, as is one unused full-size Ronal R8 spare and 
one steel spare is in the toilet (the result of a joke). Friends are 
likening my apartment to a KwikFit branch, one of the benefits of being 
single is that no-one else really cares.

Oh, and there's a passenger seat from an '85 90 in my hallway, waiting to 
be converted to an office chair. And a Thule rack for the type 89s I bought 
used recently, leaning against a stack of wheels.


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