buzzing/squeal from climate control?

Wed May 30 23:10:04 EDT 2001

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ankneys at writes:

> Listers,
>  Last night on the way home I noticed a slight buzzing sound coming from 
>  behind the climate control area. This noise would stop when the climate 
>  control was turned off. After awhile the buzzing turned into a loud 
>  squeal/grinding noise. Almost sound like a small fan with a bad bearing. 
>  Turning off the CC and restarting it seemed to make it go away, At least 
>  awhile. The noise would come and go at random. What is causing this noise? 
>  Is the CC head shot? Is there some relay behind the CC head that is 
>  this? Please give me some ideas...

well.....and the following is not a joke...

maybe it's a dirty paper towel!

I left one under the hood of my 86 4kq, in that quasi-storage area on the 
passenger's side of the area that houses the wiper motor, on the side of that 
plastic black cover...and found it blowing through my fresh air vent about a 
week later!! i always knew that it sucked leaved in during fall and spit them 
out at me, but never knew she was capable of devouring an entire greasy paper 
towel. grr. it made a horrendous noise similar to the one you describe the 
first few times it spit stuff out at me, nwo it's an occasional growl. i also 
had to remove the mouvers to pull some of the larger, less-digested pieces 
out. did you ever put anything there, no matter how big or small, that 
possible got sucked in?


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