75 100 coupe S

Carl Cobb c123666 at earthlink.net
Thu May 31 12:49:00 EDT 2001

I recollect seeing a 100ls coupe at one point.  I DO remember those Audi 90
they were not pretty

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> james accordino wrote:
> > I never saw one of those before.  That is a beautiful
> > car.  The lines kind of remind me of a Datsun Z car
> > and an Alfa Romeo ? something or other built around
> > the same time.  I'd love to see/drive one some day.
> I've never seen one myself either, only the Sedan. There are more
> pictures of the 100 Coupe at http://www.audi-coupe.de
> Btw, was there ever a 2door sedan? I seem to vaguely remember one....
> PerL

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