87.5 CGT

Jeremiah Curry curryjer at home.com
Thu May 31 21:09:17 EDT 2001

my 85 CGT coolent light started blinking all of the time about a month ago.
I have just ignored it since the oil temp and water temp are low.  At first
it only blinked when I went around corners, leading me to believe it is just
a short.

Jeremiah Curry

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Question for anyone: My 87.5 CGT's coolant gauge has been blinking for the
past month...Its not overheating the fan comes on, regularly in traffic, and
seems to be fine other than the annoying and scary light blinking.  I have
taken the coolant resevoir out and cleaned it, made sure the float wasnt
stuck, and replaced all the radiator hoses (just for good measure)and bled
the radiator of any air.It also has a new thermostat.  I also order a new
temperature sensor which i believe is located above the multi-temp
sensor...but of course they gave me the wrong one(wrong plug)...
Until i order another temp sensor...i have been paranoid that it might
overheat in traffic, so i noticed that if i turn on the A/C the the fan
automatically runs on low, but since the temp sensor is indicating that the
car is overheating., the clutch on the A/c compressor does not engage...
Am i hurting anything by running the fan with the A/C "on" and driving in
traffic...  Even though i only drive the car about once a week...i hate
driving blindly with a bad temp reading.
Also am i replacing the correct temp sender?

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