5K Window Problem

Steve Sherman spsherm at attglobal.net
Thu May 31 23:24:29 EDT 2001

I am puzzled about the front passenger window on my 86 5KCS.  It runs
fine from the driver's switch, but won't work at all from the switch on
the passenger side.

I cleaned and checked the local switch on the passenger side, thinking
that it was the usual switch problem.  However the local  switch is
good, it works other windows when I switch it with the other locations,
and working switches from the other locations fail when in the
front-passenger location. (an interesting note is that even the lite in
the switch does not work on the front passenger door, although the
switch lites do work in other locations)

So it must be the wires, yes? The odd thing is, that I thought that
driver side switch signals went thru the local switch contacts.  So I
would have thought that if the wires to the local switch were shorted
somewhere, then even the driver side switch to the window would not

Can someone with a clearer understanding of the wiring of the window
switches straighten me out on this.  And also give me a hint as to which
wires might be out to get these symptoms.


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