Incompetent Monkey or not?

Festively Jolly Audi_Audio at
Thu Nov 1 06:20:21 EST 2001

Well hello list.   A new day, another Audi problem :)  i purchased the
Blau subframe bushing kit for the 1988 Audi 90 FWD.  In a small town
like my own, there are several mech shops, most for mudflingin'  13 foot
high pickem-up trucks (PROS with lift-kit and mudflap installation), and
one foreign car shop.  so i have no other choice but take my Audi there.

  after a week of sitting there to get the subframe bushings installed,
i call them and they tell me they don't know what  a subframe bushing
is.   i actually have no idea exactly where they  go or how they are

 any advice i could relay to them?

Also, i got the 2Bennett coilover program for the car.  any expected
problems they might run into?

thanks allot for ANY advice.

/end rant

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