Incompetent Monkey or not?

Marc Swanson marcswanson at
Thu Nov 1 09:39:39 EST 2001

> Well hello list.   A new day, another Audi problem :)  i purchased the
> Blau subframe bushing kit for the 1988 Audi 90 FWD.  In a small town
> like my own, there are several mech shops, most for mudflingin'  13 foot
> high pickem-up trucks (PROS with lift-kit and mudflap installation), and
> one foreign car shop.  so i have no other choice but take my Audi there.
>   after a week of sitting there to get the subframe bushings installed,
> i call them and they tell me they don't know what  a subframe bushing
> is.   i actually have no idea exactly where they  go or how they are
> installed.

yikes, thats frightening.  Most import cars are unibody I think so they damn
well better know what a subframe bushing is!

Basically, there are probably 4 per subframe (one at each corner).   You have
a FWD car so I'm not sure about how your rear subframe is setup though.  your
shop needs to remove each subframe and press out the bushings and then press
the new ones in.

>  any advice i could relay to them?
> Also, i got the 2Bennett coilover program for the car.  any expected
> problems they might run into?

if they don't know what a subframe bushing is.. probably.

Run away.  Run far far away.

87 4ktq
88 90q

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