Misfiring 5 cyl, what would you suspect?

Lundy, Andrew lundy at dmww.com
Thu Nov 1 15:05:30 EST 2001

Same problem when I got my car 2+ years ago.  Mine would "fix" itself if I
drove it for about 20 minutes....than ran prefect.  Let it sit for 24 hours
and I would have to repeat step 1!!

I had some NASTY dirty injectors on my 1990 80q (w/ 200k miles).  A couple
(dozen) powerful treatments of fuel injector cleaner cleared it up.

About two months ago it came back, one shot of Techron cleared it up
again....for a while!!

Andrew Lundy
90 80q
99 A6q

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I just picked up a '90 Audi 80 Quattro with a poorly running 5 cyl. It runs
like one bank isn't firing. In fact if I remove the plug wire from #3 it
doesn't seem to make any difference (but the plug fires fine). I'm going to
do a compression test tonight but to those of you who know these engines
well, what would you suspect? It has 119K miles on it.

Thanks in advance for any tips, Jim

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