4kcsq coolant leak and window repair

Aaron Ryba aaronryba at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 2 10:56:33 EST 2001

hello quattro list members

i have an 87 4kcsq leaking coolant.

The car has 103k mi on it (eng same).  The fluid is
dripping from the front end of the engine down arounf
the front end of the crank case pully.  The problem
seems to be a bad water pump seal or pump itself
because no hoses or other coolant parts are leaking.

The leak just sprung recently.  The coolant fluid is
noticably dirty and the system needs a good flush.  I
have recently purchased the car and do not know the
mantainance history of the coolant system.

Has anyone repaced the water pump and or seal?
Do i have to take off the cam sproket to then take of
the rear belt cover to then finally get to the pump?
Should the pump be replaced even if it is only the
seal (since the part is a mere $50)?
Are there any major precautions in what seems like a
simple job?

I also have to repair the two left power windows on
the car as they do not function.  I am positive the
problem is within the door itself and not a wiring
problem (i think?).
Does anyone have insight on the systematic
malfunctions of these windows?
Any usefull information on the proceedure to fix them
(the armrest is a bitch to get off!)

thankyou for any replys

aaron ryba

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