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Sat Nov 3 10:51:38 EST 2001

FJ40Jim at writes:

> Speaking of ETKA, does anybody know why my recently acquired ETKA
> won't run on my new WinXP system?  It wouldn't run on my recently

ETKA evidently does not work under XP yet.  I posted similar question a
few days ago.  With hard drives so cheap, and computer cases so easily
accessable, I cloned my drive to a new 40gig ($100), installed XP on the
new drive and left the old one as is.  When I need to use the ETKA, (or
my scanner a few other things that don't have drivers yet) I just
physically plug the cable into whichever drive I'm going to use.
Not the best solution, but keeps everything useable until the drivers and
dongles start coming down the pipeline.

BTW: If you hit alt/cntrl/del and WAIT, you'll get a dialog box that lets
you close the locked up program.  XP hasn't had a catastrophic crash yet
on my system....and I've tried...

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