Anyone Denver area listers have a CO meter?

Peter Golledge petergg at
Sat Nov 3 20:42:48 EST 2001

Michael Gough wrote:
> >> The LTQ missed Denver emissions on CO by a hair so I
> >> need to do some
> >> troubleshooting.  Does anyone have a CO meter or
> Do you have cat converters on it? My Alfa Spider just failed on CO and when
> I took the cat off, hmmmm there wasn't anything inside.....I guess the PO
> made it into a "high flow" cat.

Rob fitted dual cats and they seem fine.

> Also do you have all the smog and computer
> controll stuff on it and working? The Corvette the engine came from is a
> pretty clean car, it should pass without any trouble, unless it's been
> messed with.

Yeah I got a warning light now so I need to pull the codes, one of the
sensors may be bad...  Testing this weekend.

> What did the smog tech say to that engine in that car?????

That was the crazy thing... they did not notice even after nearly
launching the car
through the dyno!

Peter Golledge

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