Why hide your car?

Wayne Dohnal dohnal at hevanet.com
Sat Nov 3 19:09:42 EST 2001

In western and central Oregon, they dump tons (literally) of gravel on the
road whenever there is any ice or snow.  The car in front of you kicks it
up, and if you don't have a bra, your front bumper and the front of your
hood get sandblasted.  After the ice and snow is gone, the gravel is still
around for a few days.  The even nastier thing is that the gravel eventually
gets pushed away from the tire tracks, and a lot of it ends up in the center
of the road.  When somebody passes, you get this huge shower of rocks on
your car as they pull back in in front of you.  I've gotten dents in the top
of my roof from this!

My seven-year-old car has a small abrasion line where the back of the bra
is.  If I didn't use it, I'd have hundreds of paint chips on the front end
of the hood.  The paint chips look a lot worse than the abrasion line.  The
bra goes on every November, and comes off in March or April.

>I could not have said this better - I would love to know the answer to the
>questions these guys pose.  I can understand putting a bra on to make a
>cross country gravel road trip, say to your brother's dude ranch in
>But tooling around suburbia with these things is about as dumb as using 94
>octane gas.

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