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Sun Nov 4 15:48:56 EST 2001

Not at all.  XP will not run Hardlock, I tried it backwards and forwards
and it just hangs on the blue screen whenever Hardlock.exe is executed.

The Family Album would give me a "something security missing" message if
run as installed with the W_SELECT.EXE as the run file.  If I run the
family album with Winetka.exe it loads and runs as before.

I think it may have something to do with what program we were running
previously.  I went from Win98--->XP,  others seemed to have seem less
integration from Win2000--->XP.  That's just a guess on my part.

Cobram at Juno.Com

"Martin Pajak" <martin at> writes:
> Do you run the hardlock before or after the install?
> Or at all?
> It was do long ago I don't remember.
> Thanks!
> Martin
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> > Is this to say that the default installation (with W_SELECT.EXE)
> didn't
> > work? I just did a full install, did the "fix" from Huw's site to
> do the
> > Win2000, and it just worked. If you mean you changed the
> > something more aesthetic, I get it :>
> >
> > Mark
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