Head bolt socket size

Jim Haseltine Jim at ur-q.freeserve.co.uk
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TX?  The star points aren't as sharp as Torx.

Don't know about sizes, thought that internal TX use the same sizing as Torx
(40H etc)
and external TX use approximate mm sizes (12E etc).


Jim Haseltine
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> anyone know what the newer cars use for bolt head
> ?they are the 6 point torx, but they are not standard.
> a 50 is too small and a 55 is too big. they are not
> the 3 square or spline type. ive heard there are a new
> softer head, or more rounded type of torx, but ive
> never seen. we are doing valves in the new 2.7 cars
> like crazy, audi needs to put metal core supports back
> in these cars or they are going to have lots of angry
> customers, little deer hits and the  hoods are hitting
> the cams, bending the valves.
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