Under Reading coolant gauge on I5 100

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun Nov 4 21:31:09 EST 2001

FPR for my 200q20vt $19 from TPC.  Is the less complex car's FPR more costly?

At 08:13 PM 11/04/2001 -0500, Huw Powell wrote:

> >     PS I was looking at getting a spare FPR for my car, just for backup
> as I
> > see from the list they fail from time to time.
> >     However when I found the dealer wanted GBP 61 for one I thought I
> may as
> > well just make up a jumper lead for that contingency. Am I right in
> thinking
> > your site has tips on that? I looked a while back and couldn't immediately
> > find it.
>nah, I don't think it is there, explicitly at least.
>Just buy an in line fuse holder that comes in a loop of wire, at least
>16 AWG, and that fits whatever spare fuses you can count on having on
>board.  Cut the loop, add two male spades (the big size would be nice,
>but .250" works fine in emergencies), add a fuse to start with, 10 or 15
>A should be fine, and store in trunk.
>Alternatively you could use a junkyard FPR that works as a spare, or one
>that doesn't as a frame to build your fuse protected jumper.
>Replace jumper ASAP, of course, as it removes all FPR based safety
>devices (rev limit, cutoff on stalling/accident, overboost, etc.)
>Huw Powell

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