T-belt change questions and advice needed

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Mon Nov 5 16:11:43 EST 2001

> that I couldn't buy the VW 2084

> Which one do you guys think will work best?

I think if I had to do the job without one I would be very tempted to
make one.  Get a piece of pipe an inch or two long that fits snugly into
the vibration damper.  It won't go in because of the big "key" in there
- cut out a notch to fit the key.  Then weld (or get welded) to it a
reasonable strong rod or bar long enough to interfere with the front
engine "mount."

Someone once posted a link to a photo of one they made - who knows, the
photo may have wound up on Brendan's site.

I wouldn't want to mess with my flywheel teeth, likewise I wouldn't want
to try hold 400-odd ft lbs of torque with the brakes and clutch.

Huw Powell



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