T-belt change questions and advice needed

Mihnea Cotet mihnea_cotet at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 5 23:55:14 EST 2001

Mark L. Chang wrote:

>>would be to use the tool if it's available and afforable.  You can >rent
>>them from Blau, or buy them from Zelenda or someplace.

>Or, just ask the list for people with a tool in your area. If you are in
Seattle/Bellevue, WA, I have a 2084.

Heheh, that's where i can figure the list's people's kindness but the
problem is that I_do_live_in_Belgium, Europe.....too many thousands of miles
away I think... :-(
This makes me think that I_should_move to the States to be able to be near
other people that think like I do.... :-)
Anyway thanks a lot and by searching thoroughly the archives I've found out
that the bolt is engaged in a hole in_the_flywheel, so I'll just get a 3"
long 12mm bolt and I think this will do it...
Did I mention Mark's kindness and thank him for his proposal?

Good nite to you all,


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