1988 5kqAvant wiring

Leszek Leszko quattro at leszko.net
Mon Nov 5 22:59:11 EST 2001

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thanks for all your responses.
I will check the wiper assembly wiring and motor.

thanks again
your help is appreciated

cobram at juno.com wrote:

>Wrong question.  You should first find the problem, a common culprit for
>this problem is a pinched wire or two at the wiper assembly itself.  If
>the wires are routed incorrectly the physical movement of the mechanism
>will short it out.  Incorrectly routed wires sometimes take a long time
>to short out because the insulation is slowly worn away by the moving
>Wires may be pinched under mounting positions or pierced by retaining
>Could even be a bad motor or bound mechanism, disconnect the wiper
>connector at the motor and check to see if the fuse still blows.
>If it is the wiper motor/assembly the good news is that the type 44's are
>all the same, even though the earlier ones look much different they fit
>right in, they're relatively plentiful and cheap in boneyards.
>Cobram at Juno.Com
>Leszek Leszko <quattro at leszko.net> writes:
>>Wipers and turn signals inoperatable.
>>fuse keeps blowing.
>>How hard is it to change the wiring harness?
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