4000 2.2L 5 cyl. Lifter Ticking Problems...

chris franz cr4ck3r at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 6 03:46:19 EST 2001

I bet it's not the lifters.   My money's on the vacuum pump.   Their is a
bar in the vacuum pump that likes to go bad and make contact with the cam
shaft.   It sounds just like a knocking lifter.
86 4kq

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>Subject: 4000 2.2L 5 cyl. Lifter Ticking Problems...
>Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 00:54:28 -0500
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>Hello loyal listers.  My 87 4KQ has a terrible lifter ticking problem.  It
>will begin to tick about 2 days after I change the oil, and I am using all
>right stuff.  Synthetic oil, Lubro Moly metal treatment, sometimes oil
>detergent (Marvels Mystery Oil) and factory replacement Audi/VW Oil
>The lifters are about 14 months old and the oil pan apears to be fine on
>outside.  Yet the lifters tick like crazy after about 2 days of normal
>driving, why does this happen.  Could there be anytihng that I am missing?
>will be pulling the valve cover off soon to try to correct the problem, I
>going to me replacing the lifters again, the valve springs, oil pump, and
>valve cover gasket as always.  I dont know what else I could do to help
>trouble shoot or fix this problem.  The engine runs very strong and works
>great, my old problem is the ticking and noisy valves.  If there is
>else I should know or do, or any other parts to get, replace, or check,
>let me know, all help, advice, and experiences are greatly appriciated.
>is a very annoying problem, and probably a problem for many, so I might
>for many others that read this daily.  So thank you in advance, I always
>to trust you folks.  Thanks.
>-Rick Heinlein
>1987 Audi 4000CS Quattro- w/super suspension
>1988 VW Jetta- winter project car, or ghetto project spoof (car to make fun
>rice burners, but will actually burn them too) ghetto car name: Big Booty
>Blaster (will be my windshield sticker)
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