euro light install need help fast

Huw Powell audi at
Tue Nov 6 13:36:41 EST 2001

> also is there an elegant way to connect the 4 10 gage power wires to the
> battery? I envision some sort of miniature fuse box that I could make
> one connection to the battery and then connect the wires to in some more
> orderly way. I also have the extra power line from my fogs, so the
> positive terminal is getting rather crowded these days.

Car stereo supply places should have a range of these.  MCM electronics
(on line catalog, I think) has a few, fairly affordable.

You can get a variety of simple big-in severall small-out blocks, and
also ones with fuse holders for each circuit.

the lower picture shows one in my Coupe, drawing power form the
alternator and (!) zip tied to the lower radiator hose.

Huw Powell

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