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>> .  As far as Audis racing
>> history, there's too much to list.  I don't think Audi is still supporting
>> the S4's in the BTCC.  APR supports two S4's in the GS class of Grand
>> but as far as touring goes, that's all I know of.
>Audi is pretty well behind the TT DTM ABT effort, I'm quite sure - Christian
>Abt was a factory driver, and Abt is probably now the closest to factory
>tuner.  Abt couldn't support that DTM effort without factory support - let's
>put it that way...

I was under the impression (from european car, I believe) that there was
little factory support at first.  It was only _after_ the ABT TT showed
success in DTM that Audi became interested.  I will check the source on
this though...

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