4kcsq sluggish acceleration during start up

Mike Victor s4yellow at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 6 22:46:42 EST 2001

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Hello all.For the past several months my 86 4kcsq has had a very
difficult problem. Every time I start my car it starts fine regardless
of outside temperature or engine temperature. For the first 30-45
seconds after the car starts it idles perfectly and drives problem-free.
However about 30-45 seconds after starting the car, the RPM drops to
about 600 and the car accelerates very sluggishly and has virtually no
power. If I floor the gas pedal the RPM will only reach about 1000 and
the a 'popping' sound comes from the area of the air intake boot (the
longer I step on the gas pedal the more popping I hear)

After about 2 minutes of this (give or take 30 seconds) the car runs
wonderfully almost as if nothing happened.

I have read many somewhat similar posts and have done a considerable
amount of work in the past 4-6 months

The following have all been replaced recently

-Bosch O2 sensor
-Bosch fuel pump
-Spark plugs
-Air filter
-Thermo-time switch
-Distributor cap and rotor
-Fuel filters (primary and secondary)
-Idle Stabilizer Valve
-Ignition control module


-I've had the car looked at by three different shops - none of whom
could figure out my problem - but all of whom told me I had NO vacuum
leaks. They all concluded that my air/fuel mixture was fine and did not
need any adjustment.
-The car passed California smog last week with virtually no changes
since the last time it was smogged two years ago.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance,
Mike V.
S4yellow at yahoo.com

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