rear diff

Leah and David Mueller muellerl at
Wed Nov 7 08:19:06 EST 2001

James, I had the same problem after a seal replacement.  There was oil
coming out of breather because my mechanic was too lazy to make sure the
diff wasn't overfilled.  Sure enough, after taking it back to him, he
leveled the car properly and drained off excess fluid.  No problems after
that.  You might also want to check the boot around the diff locking rod,
but I bet your oil level is to high. The breather is on top of diff and I
believe covered with a plastic sleeve.  I found it very difficult to reach,
but it was not the problem anyways.


> From: James Russell <jbr at>
> Subject: rear diff
> 84 4000 S Quattro, leaky rear differential, seems to be coming from left
> side, just had that seal replaced two weeks ago.  It was recommended by a
> lister to check the breather, good thinking. Where and how? anyone have a
> BTDT and have any advice, or should I just let the thing leak and hope for
> the best?
> Thanks
> Brad

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