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> I also need a good source for rebuld kit for K-26.  I called
> ont place - $125. Sounds like big $$$.

I can recommend you _don't_ use TEC in Golden CO.
I had them rebuild a K-26 I had from a bone yard in July. Price was almost
Wanting to get my original back in shape, I took it to them for a quote. 4
weeks later I was still calling to find out the status of my core. They would
never return my calls, and my inquiries received the usual- "they will get to
that tomorrow" only to find out a week later they still hadn't touched it.
Finally they responded that the core was cracked, but they could get
replacement parts- total about $650.
I then purchased another used original WX unit from a lister that had been
running fine when removed. I dropped it off for an estimate. Again it took
more than 4 weeks to get a response. This quote was over $700!
I called a day or so later to let them know that I would just pick up the
unrepaired units so have them ready. I was told they didn't need to be "made
ready", that they are in a box and they would pull them out when I got there.
Last week I drove the 1/2 hour to go pick them up, only to find the place
locked up with a sign that they would be back in a week.
Yesterday I went back again to pick them up, and had to wait for a 1/2 hour
as they couldn't find one of them.
What appeared to be the owner or manager politely told me the problem was
that I had left them there _so_ long.
They need not worry. I will _NEVER_ bother them again!
I know the local S-club has had a meeting there recently, and I had even
planned to attend, but couldn't. If anyone is well connected with them, I
don't mean to offend, but they treated me _VERY_ poorly. I might add that I
never in any of this was short with them or treated them with anything other
than polite consideration and understanding. Sometimes I think (and have been
told by others) that I'm just too nice a guy.
Rant mode off.

PS with turbo still needing rebuild.

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