Intermittent Rear wipers and programmable intermittent front wipers on Coupes

Graham Collin assoc at
Wed Nov 7 23:44:47 EST 2001

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Hi Audi Fans
Here is an update on intermittent wipers in the Uk for all you Coupe Fans.

I have an Amazon Blue 1985 Audi Coupe Quattro with 2226 cc KV engine  with hydraulic tappets and manual clutch.
My son has a Zermatt Silver 1986 Audi Coupe GT with 1984 cc J Engine with Hydraulic tappets and manual clutch.

I read with interest your correspondence on intermittent wipers and started to search for the parts you mentioned.

Rear wiper.
Earlier cars, even like mine, did not have intermittent rear wipers. They were upgraded over the years to have intermittent rear wipers. Comparing an 86 car to an 85 car I found the change in part numbers.

To upgrade the rear wiper from wash wipe when pushed to wash wipe and intermittent wipe was easy. Just remove old relay Part number 171 955 529 replace it with 191 955 529 done (it is under the passenger side of the dash on a board below the fuse/ relay box which is in the engine compartment. Audi main dealers want around £30 for this part. Breakers a lot less and they are about still..

Front wiper.
To upgrade from intermittent to programmable intermittent was a little more involved in research.

The parts I have seen mentioned were not available from my Audi dealer. 1HM 955 531A or 1HM 955 531B which are said to be programmable are no longer available and have been replaced by 1HM 955 631C which is just a relay, 3BO 955 531 is a late Passat part and is around £30 (My Audi dealers quote of £33 for another part which was 191 555 531C and they wer not sure if it was programmable) This made me pause

Surely I could find a part which would fit and so I did a little research. My search led me to look in my Ford Galaxy (with programmable wash wipe and VW electrical components) to find a relay 357 955 131 which has the same pin connections.
This part was tried in the Audi and worked great.

I visited the local second hand VW Audi car breakers, Sanburn Autos in Coventry (ask for Rodney, Dave or Chris) there I found all the part I needed. I have upgraded both front and rear of my car and the fronts of my sons car (the 86GT) The parts were realistically priced (read cheap!)

They are absolutely great now thanks to the helpful staff at Sanburn Autos 02476 637376

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