Speaking of the bumper attachment... (type 44)

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 7 19:54:08 EST 2001

Hi Taka;

After many failed experiments on my '86 5ktq and my '91 200q, I finally
managed to solve the rear bumper chrome strip problem on the 200q.
The problem is caused by the chromed plastic spacers moulded into the trim
strip - these sit on the body  to space the strip down from the body metal.
The spacers eventually wear through the paint at the mounting studs/screws
and the rest is corrosion history. My final and lasting fix went like this:
1. Sandblast the rusted spots to bare metal and feather the paint around the
2. Treat the bare metal with Dupont Metalprep (or similar solution - I use
Dupont stuff).
3. Prime with Corlar epoxy primer.
4. Prime with Dupont 1044R two-part polyurethane primer.
5. Paint with body colour.
Now you've got things back to the way the car left the factory. Putting it
together at this point will lead to the same problem a year or so down the
road. Press on with the fix:
6. Cut washers out of body coloured plastic sized to fit over the spacers
moulded in the trim strip - one washer for each spacer. In my case, the grey
plastic in an antifreeze container was a perfect match for the Titanium Grey
200q - even had a bit of metalflake in it. Drill holes for the mounting
studs/screws in the appropriate spots.
7. Stick the plastic washers to the newly repaired body metal with 3M
dumdum, butyl tape, or some such goop.
8. Put it all together.

The plastic washers keep the trim strip spacers off the paint. The dumdum
keeps water from getting between the plastic washer and the paint. No
abrasion, no rust!

Another earth-shattering Audi dilemma solved!

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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> About that spot- how does one fix the rusting problem around the
> rear chrome strip?
> Taka
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> >This reminds me of one reason why I decided not to buy a 92 S4.  One
> reason,
> >surface rust on the lower faces of all doors.  Anyone smell an improper
> >repaint?  My 1986 5ktqcs (w/ 250+k miles), that has lived on the nothern
> >east coat its entire life, is rust free.
> Even where the chrome strip above the rear bumper cover is attached via
> holes through the sheetmetal?  I thought EVERY type $$ rusted around those
> fastener openings.
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