Rebuild parts for Audi 2.8l Engines

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>Hi All,
>Has anyone found a source for oversize pistons for Audi 2.8 l engines (12V or
>30 V) and/or a source for undersize crankshaft rod and main bearings?  The
>Audi A4 shop manual lists dimensions for undersize crankshaft bearings but
>there are nothing available in the Audi A4 parts catalog.
>Peter Badore
>Two A4's with 2.8l V6 engines that need rebuild.

Oh..Oh..  This doesn't make me feel too good.

Please provide more details as to why these engines require rebuilding and
what symptoms led to this conclusion.

I am concerned enough with the cold start noise and vibration my 2.8 30V is
making without reading that 2 of them require rebuilding.

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