Pissed off with the same questions all the time

S. Jaworski syljay at optonline.net
Thu Nov 8 13:08:15 EST 2001

I second that emotion!

Finding pertinent information in the archives is a hit and miss proposition.
Been There Done That countless times. That was the reason for my posting
that information on Stainless Steel hardware a couple of days ago . . . so
the search engine would pick it up easier next time someone else does a

Sometimes the conversations digress from the orginal thread . . .and its in
the digressions that you find good information not related to the original

Many times only partial information is provided in the replies . . .ie: Tool
#, but not where you get it;  or bearing manufacturer but not the part
number, or where to get it;. Or, you get the vendor's name, but not the
telephone #, or town/state where he is located . .. etc etc etc.

It gets very frustrating and time consuming to glean the required
information from the archives.

Regarding that excellent idea about the web site. I would recommend links to
another site, or another location on the same site that contains
photos/diagrams that detail certain procedures. Using some method that would
not slow down the site. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

I have pics of a "make it yourself breather tube". Next week, I will take my
speedo apart again so I can take close up pics of the disassembly procedure
and repair process for the odometer and noisy speedometer.
What I dont have is a place on the web to post these things. And if I did
post the pics, finding the URL might be a challenge for someone looking for
that kind of information. A central depository for these kind of pix would
be priceless.

In addition to pix, it would be great to have a "theory of operation" for
each section . .. like the ISV. Some Bentley manuals have that info, some
dont, some explanations are undecipherable, other explanations are scattered
willy nilly over many pages. It sure would be great to have one simple
comprehensive explanation of how things work.

Speaking of theory, someone mentioned a book on Bosch Fuel Injection written
by Charles O. Probst. According to Amazon, the book is back-ordered for 3 to
5 weeks. I ordered the book . . .and got it in a week. Go figure.

The book is excellent . . ..  its hard to put down. My legs fell asleep
several times while sitting on the "throne" and reading. Getting up was a
bitch . . the legs felt like tree stumps . . . no sensation at all. I had to
stand there for 5 minutes . .hanging onto the towel rack  . .till the
circulation and feeling returned. My wife just shook her head in disbelief
.. then mumbled something about "men are such %@&$%^!!!!!".

There was a discussion in the past regarding protecting such vital
information for posterity, in the format of a CD. If someone passes on to
audi heaven, or loses information from a crash, or a meteor crashes into
Huw's server . .. the existing information base would be preserved on
multiple CD's scattered throughout the membership. I'd pay for a CD like

I'll volunteer as a technical writer/picture taker for this project.

88 5kq

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> So perhaps it's time to do something about it.
> It would be comparatively easy to put together something like the Windows
> etwork Troubleshooter for the I5 engine.  A big job for one person, but
>  if it's broken down into manageable chunks and everyone helps with
> s and tips.  Each person involved in the project would take on an aspect
>  either an engine or suspension or brakes, etc., and manage the HTML pages
> on their own site, working to a common standard.  Someone like to start
>  ball rolling with a standardised cascading style sheet?
> Fast, few graphics unless essential, no advertising.  See
> research.com/quattro/wiring/index.html for an idea of the style and speed.
>  Yes, I do intend to enhance this site with some debugging hints for the
> ectrics - such things as relaying the lights, reconnecting the voice, and
> o on.
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