WTB - 87 or 88 5ktq

Iain Mannix mannix at rmsolo.org
Thu Nov 8 17:27:36 EST 2001

Hi all - I'm looking for a decent 87 5ktq sedan (or wagon!).  I'm
in Denver, my current 5ktqa is on the verge of demanding a
pile of money(I can just *feel* it;), so I'm thinking of buying
a second 5ktq in (hopefully) better shape than my wagon.

 Anyone in Denver/Boulder/CSprings selling one?  Prefer straight
body, color irrelavant, but one that could use a new fuel pump,
injectors, turbo afterrun pump, shocks or anything else I've
recently replaced is welcome;).  Naturally, a 200 tq would be
fine, too - basically looking for a solid Type 44 that has a
short list of needs as opposed to my car's LONG list of


Iain Mannix
87 5ktqa with a long list of little things that are slowly
forming an official, catastrophic protest....

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