Pissed off with the same questions all the time

Lee M. Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Fri Nov 9 06:26:41 EST 2001

Kev writes:
> Jim wrote:-
> >I know this would take a lot of sorting out, but
> >something like this would be great, granted it is for
> >a narrow model range.
> >http://www.swedishbricks.com/700900FAQ/FAQSummary1.html
> This is the web site I was trying to think of, fixed my BIL 740 turbo fuel
> pump relay with this info (sound familiar ?).
> If you browse your way up to the top of the site you will see it is owned
> b.......... Lee Levitt no less.
> So Lee, how difficult was this FAQ to put together ?

The SwedishBricks website is something of a collaborative effort. The FAQs
were written by a couple of people that pulled information together from
experience and lots of postings.

The key really is to have someone play coordinator and divvy up the tasks
into manageable chunks...then make sure that the portions are relatively
consistent with regard to writing style, length, etc.


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