[s-cars] Anyone have Micrografx? (Yes, Audi content)

Lee M. Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Fri Nov 9 06:26:41 EST 2001

Taka writes:
> Listers,
> I need to put the plans for Igor's camber plate mod
> into hard copy form for my mechanic, but am not able
> to do this w/o Micrografx. Can someone please let me
> know if you're willing to print me out a drawing in
> Micrografx and send it to me? Of course, I'll pay for
> the materials and shipping.

There's a peer to peer service out there that will allow you to find a copy
of pretty much any program you want. Works like Napster - search on the
program title, then download it. Some programs will come unlocked, others
will include a text file with the license key.


Of course this is software piracy...but since you didn't agree to the
original software license, it may or may not be your issue.  Use at your own

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