Sweet headlights

Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Fri Nov 9 20:48:25 EST 2001

Many of the newer city buses here has those lights, with HID low beams.


TM wrote:

> Oh man- that's what I was looking for- too bad I don't have
> a car to play w/ the headlights (I'm not messing with my
> Euros on the 200).
> Maybe once I get my hands on a QSW or a 4kq, I'll get a set
> of these lights and some junkyard headlamps to play with. All
> you need is some Lexan or tempered glass to put the lamps behind
> and mount them directly in the place of the original headlamp,
> along with some sort of support brackets for the backs of the
> new lamps.
> Taka
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> Just happened to be browsing Susquehanna's web site after my last post
> and found this:
> http://www.susquehanna.com/susq/new.htm
> Check out the 90mm high and low beam headlights. A guy could make his
> own projector style headlight system for under $300 bucks total. $240
> for the lights, and then you would just need to create something to
> mount them properly. Oh, and you would probably want to put a piece of
> Lexan in front of them to protect them, sort of like BMW does for their
> headlights. Or just mount them to something that sits flush with the
> normal headlight plane with cutouts for the lights.
> Damn, wish I had $300 to spare.
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