Nimda Virus

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It also modifies all webcontent that is on your machine adding a little
java script load the virus when you read the website.
Kind of a pain for a web developer to fix, I used to have a script that
would clean the files, don’t know if I deleted it.


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    Well I just found the Nimda virus in my system.  My anti-virus did
not detect it, but my C,D,E drives were all fully publicly shared and I
had EML files all over my drive.  I manually removed all infected files,
but I read that Nimda can send itself out using my address book. So just
a warning to those out there who I have had contact with.  Symantec does
have a removal tool, but it's quite easy to remove it manually.  To
check look into MSCONFIG, check the System.ini tab, view all the boot
commands, look for shell=explorer.exe.  If it says something to the
effect of, load.exe -dontrunold then you have Nimda.


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