Writing an FAQ

George Harris harchris at smokesignal.net
Sat Nov 10 18:39:31 EST 2001

The value I find in the answers from list members is the practical
advice, the 'gotchas', the methods that have been tried and discarded or
proven to work. Manuals such as Bentley, and especially the Haynes
series tell you what to do and the order to do it in, but not how to do
it, nor why you are doing it. To those of us who are not professional
mechanics, the 'how to' is as valuable as the 'what to do and in what
order'. And if we don't know the purpose of a specific part, we wouldn't
know why to replace it or adjust it. Also many of us have tried to
rebuild or recondition something only to find that it isn't satisfactory
in the end, or maybe it is and no one else has tried it. This is
valuable information as well, and not found anywhere else.

To the listers who have taken the time to set up their own WEB sites and
write 'how to's' on different subjects; THANK YOU. I have printed out
many of the articles from 2 sites just recently. I cleaned up the ISV
today even though on Thursday I didn't know what it was or what it was
for. Thanks Huw. I will start on the coolant temperature gauge soon :-)

I like the smjautotechnik site as well. Many well written articles. Can
we combine them and get more contributions from other listers????


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