Changing timing belt and noisy hydraulics

Phil Payne quattro at
Tue Nov 13 14:28:30 EST 2001

> So by mutual agreement, it is the safe and sensible thing to do even
> there is no time or mileage requirement in any of the documentation I have
> on the Sport Quattro.  So:

Yup - do it.  It's due under the five-year rule.

> Do I need the special tools 2084 and 2079 to do this assuming the engine
> configured like the RR series?  It would not seem so as the belt is
> tensioned by moving the water pump, right?

Yes, it's quite similar to the RR.  You need #2084.  #2079 is optional -
it's only any use if the car is on a ramp.  I prefer to use a monster torque

> Also, I have remarked that after replacing the HP hydraulic hose, I have
> some noise at low speed from the pump. Some have said this is because the
> replacement hoses are inferior to the Audi OEM.  While I agree this may be
> possible, however on browsing the service bulletins from VW Tech, I
> that 46-88 says that this can occur because the belt is not tight enough.
> They advise that after tightening the belt to normal tension, tighten it
> some more!  They say this will not harm the pump and will reduce the
> Anyone had this experience?

I think I've had the _opposite_ - I found a car last year with a
phenomenally tight belt and the pump bearings were shot.

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