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Kate FitchGerald k_fitchgerald at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 13 06:22:17 EST 2001


Trying to figure out how the fuel control system works
in my 87 Audi 4000S model because I have a hard time
keeping my car running while the engine is cold.

Well the Haynes manual claims to check the Auxillary
air valve and the warm up regulator.  Well, after
looking under the hood of my car, may car doesn't seem
to have either?   In the Haynes manual the warm up reg
is connected to the FUEL distributor, in my car its
not.  No obvious conections from the FUEL distributor
to the warm up regulator. My car has a 5 cylinder 2.2L
engine.  It seems that the only thing that controls
the idling is the Idle Stablizing Valve (ISV).
Couldn't find the auxillary air valve either, just the
ISV.  I need more literature on my car since the
Haynes AUDI 4000 manual for my 1987 Sedan doesn't seem
to help.  For instance, in one senstance, the Haynes
mentions the (ISV), but, I have no clue on how it
works, or how to test it.  How do you test the ISV to
insure it is working correctly?

And why is my car not similar to what Haynes claims
the AUDI 4000S is suppose to be?  Have you experienced
this before.  Kinda ticks me off.

I'll probably have to go find the chapter for the fuel
control system in a BENTLEY manual somewhere. I really
want to figure this out.

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