AoA warranty denial

Brad Wilson dotnetguy at
Tue Nov 13 10:14:51 EST 2001

TM wrote:

> Regardless, it still seems to show that these cars are not as durable or
> overbuilt as some of the older cars- I have not heard of such turbo
> failures on the 5ktq/200q/UrS cars...

I think they had a bad batch of turbos, and when they've failed, they've
(more or less) been replaced. That's not really unusual, and it doesn't
really seem like a given. Yes, it's happening to a lot of people, but it
seems like every one I've heard of has happened really early on (within 5 or
10k miles).

I'm not going to write off Audi just because they got a batch of bad parts.
Had these been failing electrical seat motors we wouldn't be giving it
nearly this much attention (I guess because nobody chips their seats ;).

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