Eurolight Adjustment - Please Help

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Nov 13 12:29:32 EST 2001

At 8:49 AM -0500 11/13/01, Swann, Benjamin R.  (BSWANN) wrote:

>I noticed there is a lock like feature on the side adjuster - what is it
>for/how is it used?

It's a load compensation lever.  If you watch the light beam, it
moves the aim down to compensate for a full trunk load.

The adjuster with the load compensation lever is the up-down
adjuster; the other is the left-right adjuster.

>Are there any diagrams on how the Eurolights are assembled?  One of the
>lights seems loose in the housing, I am trying to determine what is
>missing/broke, perhaps a spring.

Shake the light.  If you hear any noises, the light is broken.  Or,
try to wiggle the inner assembly.  If it moves, it's broken.  When I
ordered mine, one came broken; one of the pivot point collars(the
entire inner assembly pivots on sort of ball-joint type points for
adjustment) had snapped in shipment, and you could move the back of
the inner assembly about a inch up+down.  Part of the collar was
bouncing around inside between the inner assembly and the outer shell.

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