temp warning on '88 90Q

Lundy, Andrew lundy at dmww.com
Tue Nov 13 12:24:48 EST 2001


1. Add just a little bit of coolant even if it looks full.  Very sensitive
system.  Very common problem.  BTDT many times!!

Good Luck!!
Andrew Lundy
90 80q
99 A6q

>1. the temp warning light is coming on, and it's definitely not
>i checked the resevior and then checked the switch under the big tube
>off the radiator right where it connects to the engine--it's covered by a
>rubber sleeve that holds all the water/antifreeze/crap that drips.  the
>switch was sitting in a small puddle of stuff.  is this the problem?  how
>i take this switch off/out to clean it if it is?  is it expensive to
>replace? is it critical to anything?

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