leaky 4000Q!

Brian Devlin bdevlin at stanford.edu
Tue Nov 13 15:12:49 EST 2001

Isn't there a depression on the cowl to the right of the air inlet?
Do you have some standing water in there?

>I have a water leak thats driving me nuts...
>Its outside water (rain) that leaks down onto the carpet...  Seems to be
>coming from furthest right hand side of dash, to the right of the
>glovebox even, but not on the A pillar.  The A pillar isnt wet, and the
>sunroof drain *APPEARS* to be working OK. (I can see the hose in the A
>pillar and water is flowing through it.)  WHats left? Windshield? I cant
>see anywhere that leaks...  Its not coming down the firewall either it
>seems... it looks like its coming right from the ECU area!
>Any help appreciated.

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