JC Whitney Opinions

John Larson j.d.larson at verizon.net
Tue Nov 13 18:27:22 EST 2001

IMO, having to choose between JC Whitney and Pep Boys is like having to pick
which eye you'd rather have poked out by the town bully.  Both offer cheap
shoddy goods, often selling the customer parts that are inappropriate for
the job at hand, and at prices which are often too high for the true value
of the product received.  I often ask people what they paid at places such
as these and frequently find they've paid far more than most import
specialists would charge.  Many of you have seen my rant about paying Kragen
(aka Shucks, Checker, et. al.) $56 for a Rabbit front wheel bearing that
retails for 34 bucks at the VW dealer.  Places like this are a triumph of
advertising over substance, much like Fram, Slick 50, and Splitfire.  John

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