95-97 A6q 4sp AT - maintenance interval

MCTXR4 at aol.com MCTXR4 at aol.com
Thu Nov 15 15:12:46 EST 2001

At Some Point in Time Brett wrote:

95-97 A6's, in comparison, litter junkyards.  I suspect -someone-
will fill the gap and either deal in tested used units, or repair
them.  At a certain point, the market for rebuilding may justify the
equipment and experienced staff to service the trannies.

>>Quite right. But in the meantime we have to shell out big bux to keep our cars on the road. My '97 will surpass 100k miles this month. The shifting is getting progressively worse with the car occasionally slipping into neutral while down shifting and then re-engaging with a startling bang! I'm pretty sure that if I had been allowed to change the fluid, adjust some things and put in a new filter once in a while I wouldn't be having these problems.

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