Damn radiator plastic necks and AAA!

Efraim Gavrilovich egav at wireless2000.com
Thu Nov 15 22:44:33 EST 2001

I went through almost identical experience, but luckily I was right next to
the gas station when I noticed steam coming from under the hood. I pulled
in, found the broken radiator neck, pulled the hose as far onto remaining
neck as could, refilled radiator and continued on my way home. It held for
more than a year until radiator's seam burst and I had to replace it.
This time it happen on my way to emission control test on the last day of my
insurance coverage before renewal. Don't ask. Audi Gods are unpredictable.
By the way, both times I managed to get around without tow truck. Just add
water :)
Efraim Gavrilovich
1988 5KTQ 335,000km (208K mi), 1.8 Bar
1990 90 111,000km (68K mi)
Vancouver, Canada

> In what seemed like 5 seconds since the 1st warning, I had lost 6 quarts
> of coolant. My upper radiator hose had blown off the neck! The neck end
> was ragged and was missing the bulged portion used to secure a hose. But
> once things cooled, I couldn't find this portion in the hose, leading me
> to believe that it was never there. It seems the PO must have had it break
> off on him, and he simply slipped the hose on the remaining neck. So nice
> of him! >:-(
> Now I have to find a workable solution to the radiator's shortened neck.
> There's a bit over 1 inch of it left but seems to narrow down at its end.
> The rest of the radiator looks pretty good. I suspect my car had its
> radiator replaced at one time.

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