1988 80 Quatt. w/ MT and AC---Differential Lock Up

Lundy, Andrew lundy at dmww.com
Fri Nov 16 08:21:58 EST 2001

If the green light (at least I think it's green in that car??) in the diff
is on, then your diff is still locked.  You obviously rarely lock you diff.
The *lever* that locks it has become stuck and the vacuum pressure is not
enough to unlock it.

You're going to have to crawl under your car and manually "flip the latch".

Good Luck!!
Andrew Lundy
90 80q
99 A6q

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Do you happen to know what might be the problem with my car (88 Audi 80
Quatt w/MT and air)? I went to engage the rear differential. The ABS OFF
light (on dash.) came on and the rear wheels locked in--as expected. The
problem is that now the ABS OFF light will not shut off and the diagram
indicator (near the emergency brake) will not turn off. The lit arrow on the
actual DIFF button will turn on and off when I go faster than 15 mph or when
the DIFF button is depressed. The car itself seems like it has remained with
rear differential locked. For instance, the car is difficult to turn at slow
speeds. In addition,  there are two knocks from the front end after the car
comes out of the turn. I have driven the car faster than the 15-20 mph and
the rear will not disengage. Anything you might know and could pass on would
be of great help. By the way, repeatedly pushing either the ABS button in
center console or the DIFF button near emergency brake seems to do nothing
other than light and unlight the arrow on the DIFF button.


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