I think I chose the wrong brake pads...

Scott Scott at TheHinckleys.com
Fri Nov 16 10:05:28 EST 2001

Last April it was time for new front brake pads. I was tired of the amazing
amount of dust that the factory pads produced, so I looked to the
aftermarket. I ended up buying Mintex pads (the red box). I have been
thinking they were great ever since, little dust & great stopping.

This is Seattle, and the rainy season is upon us. Herein lies the problem.
The Mintex pads are TERRIBLE in this rain. I don't know if it is more a
temperature issue or a water issue. When I need to come to a stop from
highway speeds it feels like the brakes are doing nothing for the first
couple of seconds, then they are back to normal. They continue to work fine
if I keep them (warm?/dry?), but once I do another long stretch without
stopping they have the same problem.

I am looking for any recommendations on a performance street pad that
brakes at least as well as the factory pads (in wet or dry) and doesn't
produce a bunch of dust. Is there anything out there for me?

1998 A4 2.8Q manual/sports

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