non-Q Audi info wanted

Larry C Leung l.leung at
Sat Nov 17 12:58:56 EST 2001

It's essentially the VW HT motor (100-102 HP rated, 107-108 ft-lb, CIS-E,
10:1 compression, hydraulic lifters, knock sensor, right?), with some
re-arranging to make it north-south (IM, EM, ancilliaries). Don't know
how the altenator is attached, as I have a GTi, but the timing belt is
MUCH simpler than the I-5. As for the AC belt, the adjuster on my GTi is
right on the compressor, just loosen the upper braket bolt, the lower
pivot bolt and adjuster lock nut and it should move.


On Thu, 15 Nov 2001 23:33:49 +0000 Calvin Krug <ckrug at> writes:
>I have a second Audi which needs a little work, and I am looking for
>some sources for repair information on it.  It's an '87 4000 S, with
>the 1.8 4 cylinder in it.  Looks remarkably similar to a VW Golf
>motor turned the right way.  But it needs a timing belt, and from
>looking at things, I can't for the life of me see how to get the AC
>belt off. The compressor appears to be bolted to a bracket which is
>bolted to the block, and there is no visible means of tensioning the
>belt.  Has team door handle been under the hood?
>Calvin K.
>working on auxiliary Audi

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