92 100S parts (only a few)

Mike Arman armanmik at n-jcenter.com
Sat Nov 17 16:52:19 EST 2001

Local cheapie pick-n-pull has a 92 100S, but before you get excited, it has
been hit VERY hard left front, and then it burned. (Geez, what a mess!)

Following items *MAY* be salvageable: Automatic transmission, maybe the
engine - left cam sprocket is broken, right valve cover is melted, oil
filter adaptor broken off (bottom end probably good for parts), A/C
compressor looks OK, brake discs rusty (surface rust), calipers maybe OK.
Not much else left of this one, all, every bit of the plastic and interior
is melted and gone. There are four five-bolt alloy wheels with the little
center caps which came through this OK, amazingly enough. A session with
some strong wheel cleaner should make them look pretty good - maybe a set
of winter wheels for someone?

Yard sells trannies for $100, engines for $200, all as-is. Car (or what's
left of it) is in Daytona Beach, and I *DO* have a guy who will pull these
parts and ship them to you, but you have to make a deal with him
separately. He gets $50 to $75 to pull an engine.

Might be a source for a tranny core  and a bottom end, price seems right,
not quite as good if you have to pay for pull and ship if you don't want to
or are too far away to do it yourself.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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