Power steering pump interchangeability for Audi

RJA konecc at snet.net
Sat Nov 17 19:13:22 EST 2001

It's hard to say exactly where it leaks, but looks like it's at one of the
piston caps, the ones with the "X".  Is it possible to just unscrew the
piston cap (with the "X") and replace the O-ring, or does the whole thing
need to come apart?  I need to replace it soon before I rack up an expensive
Pentosin bill and leave too many oil stains.

The car came with a can of Pentosin 7.1, so I believe that's what the
previous owner was putting in.  I've heard conflicting reports of whether
the 1990 200's came with 7.1 or 11S.  At this point, it doesn't really
matter, I'll be flushing the system out anyway when I repair or replace the
pump with a rebuilt.

-- Rich

>I've disassembled a couple of these pumps for resealing and replaced a
>couple others on 5ktq, 200q20v and V8  cars.  There MAY be a different
>pressure relief valve inside, but  Bentley calls for the same pressures for
>all the different cars in testing pump output.  They all have the same
>mounting holes despite significantly different brackets between the
>5k,  200 and V8 applications.  You can get a reseal kit for your pump for
>~$25.  Where is yours leaking?

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