Alignment Woes

Steve Sherman spsherm at
Sat Nov 17 22:02:28 EST 2001

A few answers to people's questions:

Ti, yes we do have fairly high crown in our roads here.  That is why (I
am told) the alignment shops put more caster on one side than the other,
to counter act that.  Turns out my caster is just the opposite, amking
the crown effect worse.  It is possible to align an Audi 5K to drive
more or less straight on our roads, my 86 does.  But you are right,
depending upon the road the car may not self steer straight.  However
this 87 is worse than my other Audi and most other cars I've driven

Doyt.  You have a good point about tire wear.  The only abnormal wear on
the summer tires I just took off was the inside edges going faster than
the outside.  That is what brought me to the alignment place.  At the
1st alignment, they said that tow-in was out and would have caused the
inside wear.  Nothing that seems obvious asymmetrical or that could
cause the pull to one side, unless I missed something...


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